The University of San Francisco’s online MBA is a highly flexible, part-time program designed for professionals from all industries who want to complete their degree while working. It’s also the #1-ranked MBA program in the city of San Francisco.

The MBA degree emphasizes practical experiences, which include client-based projects in partnership with dynamic startups, established Fortune 500 companies, and Bay Area nonprofits. You can also customize parts of the curriculum to fit your current job and apply the coursework to real issues in your workplace.

With a mix of on-demand content and live sessions, you will be able to finish your courses on your own schedule while getting to know your classmates and teachers. Our students come from a wide range of backgrounds and industries, reflecting the versatility of our MBA program.

Learn From Leaders Who Shape Their Industries

The MBA program is delivered by our outstanding faculty, who are talented leaders eager to share their knowledge. They know first-hand what’s happening in the boardrooms and brainstorming sessions of leading companies, and they bring that experience directly to your courses.

USF faculty and staff are also ready to be your biggest supporters — they provide the mentorship and guidance you need for professional success.

Get Personalized Support for Every Stage of Your Career

One of the signatures of our program is the personalized attention from our career services team, who are experts at helping you get the most out of your MBA experience. They work closely with you to define your goals, identify your ideal path, and equip you with the tools and strategies to achieve it all.

This support is a lifelong resource: after you graduate, you’ll have continuous access to our extensive professional network and ongoing career development opportunities.

Benefit Your Career and Serve Your Community Through Client-Based Projects

USF champions community-based learning, which recognizes that true business success and sustainability is closely linked to community involvement.

With experiential learning projects such as our Innovation Project and the Magis Capstone Project, you will apply your growing skill set to real-world scenarios that support and improve society.

This is your chance to make a meaningful difference while honing the skills that will define your career.

When I completed my own MBA, I found myself thinking, ’Why didn’t I do this sooner?’ The degree equipped me with an incredible array of tools that have eased my professional path. Having the right skills to apply in real-world scenarios makes daily work easier and career transitions smoother.